GroupWise to Exchange

GroupWise to Outlook Sever

Gives Practical Shape To Your Curiosity For GroupWise To Exchange

To have information about working process of the software is help in advance before you use software practically in full version. For GroupWise to Exchange conversion possession of two software tools, say Export GroupWise and Exchange Import.

Steps of Export GroupWise software:

Step 1 >>First buy and install Export GroupWise software


Step 2 >>After installation formality, open Export GroupWise software, for this click Start - All Programs - Export GroupWise - Export GroupWise


GroupWise to Exchange

Step 3>>Press ‘Export’ to perform the process of converting GroupWise data into Outlook 

Novell GroupWise To Exchange Server

Step 4>>Choose ‘Next’ after selecting the option to convert GroupWise mailboxes to Outlook 

GroupWise To Exchange Server Migration

Step 5>>Put details such as IP address, Proxy Username, and password and then Port No. of system

GroupWise To Exchange Sever

Step 6>>Then press login button to exclude or include mail you required to convert from GroupWise to Outlook by simply clicking tick to the check box

Transfer Novell GroupWise To Exchange

Step 7>>Click ‘Next’ to convert data from GroupWise to Outlook then carry out DB mailbox migration process

GroupWise To Outlook Exchange Free

Step 8>>You can choose filter option by selecting date, time and year to transfer data. Then press ‘Click’ on next tab

GroupWise To Outlook Exchange

step 9>>Browse the folder in which you want to save converted PST file

Open GroupWise To Exchange Migration Solution

Step 10>>After this press ‘Export’ to transfer Novell GroupWise data into PST easily

Step 11>>Install Outlook to see resulted PST file, make sure that Outlook do not synchronized with Exchange

Open GroupWise To Exchange Migration

24 X 7 technical support avialable for Customer help, 30 day money back gurantee is also be assured for any kind of inconvenince.